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Galileos image - Advanced Dentistry in Springfield

Digital x-rays are essential for any dental practice.

By using this technology, our team is effectively able to:

  • View the status of developing teeth
  • Get a good look at tooth roots
  • Locate cavities
  • Monitor the condition of the bone around the tooth
  • Check for periodontal disease


Also known as “Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics,” our CEREC machine allows us to consolidate restorative procedures that would traditionally take several appointments to complete in just one day. How does this work? Digital photography is used to capture an image of your tooth. This image is sent to our CEREC computer, and our machine generates a 3-D image of your unique restoration. Once this image is created, the machine produces a physical copy of the 3-D image which Dr. Cochran will then cement or bond to your tooth.

Cerec - Advanced Dentistry in Springfield
Galileos - Advanced Dentistry in Springfield

Galileos Cone Beam

When the standard x-ray procedure is not enough for a patient, we rely on our cone beam (CT) x-ray machine. In a single scan, our CT machine generates 3-D images of a patient’s soft tissues, dental structures, and the bone and nerve paths in the craniofacial area. Usually, CT x-rays are used for orthodontic issues but they can also be used in:

  • finding and treating jaw tumors
  • diagnosing TMJ
  • assisting in dental implant procedures
  • detecting impacted teeth
  • determining tooth growth and bone structure

iTero Machine

Currently, our office has added an iTero machine. These are intraoral scanners that are used to capture three-dimensional images of a patient’s mouth. This simple machine allows our team to get a detailed image of our patient’s teeth and creates better, more accurate dental models when it comes to planning for crowns, implants, and veneers in just a matter of minutes. The iTero scanner replaces traditional impressions and helps us determine the best Invisalign treatment for our patients.

iTero - Advanced Dentistry in Springfield