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Feeling Nervous?

We know some patients come to our office with concerns—from worry about their dental health to questions about how they’ll pay for procedures, to fear about pain and discomfort. Whatever you’re anxious about, we’re here to help. Talk to us about what’s on your mind and—together—we’ll find a solution.

Many of our team members are certified in administering local anesthesia and monitoring nitrous oxide for our patients who need it.

You might be familiar with nitrous oxide by its more common name—“laughing gas.” Essentially, a small mask is placed over your face and this colorless, odorless gas allows you to feel relaxed and content while the dentist works. Nitrous oxide is also useful because of how quickly it works to achieve these feelings in the patient and, unlike anesthesia, it keeps you conscious during the procedure. Laughing gas is safe to use on both adults and children. However, you should always inform Dr. Cochran and his team if you are pregnant or if you have any type of chronic condition that you think nitrous oxide might aggravate.

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